Carla Grigsby Photography

Natural light photography, Corpus Christi TX

What my life revolves around: Love, Hope, And Faith 

I have had a camera since my youth and it is clearly seen through my photo albums and pictures on the walls,  just how much I love photography.  My love for it follows my twin brothers passion for photography.  We have different  tastes in photography, however he is far more talented and educated than I am, and has been involved with it for over 20 years.  He loves the portraiture style, I love the free and crazy lifestyle photos. I am just a novice at this and hope that my desires and dreams come true  and turn my hobby into a business. I am not a professional, however I have professional ethics and continuously study to succeed in my goals as a Professional Natural Light Photographer. My work is done in the sunlight, preferably late afternoon and close to sunset.   I base my life around the life I love, the dreams I have, the belief that is strong.  Love, Hope, and Faith. 

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Book your sessions soon! 

Weekly Sessions:  After 5:00 M-F.  I do have a full time job as a payroll clerk; however as long as the weather permits and there is some sunshine, we can do a session! 

Weekend:  Available anytime.  Best time is half an hour after sunrise or half an hour before sunset. 

Special Lady Mini - Sessions

I am looking for some ladies 40 and up for a Fun, Fashionable, and Fantastic After 40 Portfolio. Do you need an updated portrait for your mom & dad, your kids, your spouse, or just want something special for yourself? Book an affordable outdoor mini-session; it will be a great addition to my portfolio, and a lifetime of memories for you, your friends, and your family.  

* Outdoor location of your choice with 2 wardrobe changes 

*30-40 Minutes of Shooting time  

*10-15 edited high resolution images on CD with print release